What we do

we help people share their memories with loved ones
let us help you have fun organising them

10 years ago my father-in-law turned 70. I was given the task of organising his memorabilia into a scrapbook as a gift.

Many of the images were in a poor state of repair as they had been in the attic in a shoebox. There were significant newspaper clippings of his wedding, postcards from friends and photos of the family.

When we presented the book at his party, we were amazed at how it became the focal point of the evening. People gathered around the book and couldn't get enough of the school reports and other historic items. It was so much fun!

At the end of the night we had many more orders from the family for extra copies of the book.

That's when we realised there are so many people who have a box in their attic with photos and scraps that they want to share with their family.

Maybe you just want to get them on a disk so that they are safe before age ruins them.

Maybe you want to create a gift for a loved one.        Or have a history of your family tree.

Just digitising


We are happy to just scan and repair your images. of course this is the most time consuming part - so you don't save a lot of money, but maybe you want them on disk so you can project them onto a wall at a party

We can organise them into a presentation, a PDF booklet or just give you the images on a USB stick

Beautiful picture books



Family photo scrapbook including images and letters.


"Thank you so much for the amazing book you created for Dad. He absolutely loves it.

The book brings back so many memories and emotions.

Thanks again. Will recommend you to our friends and family."

Cathy - Manly

Glorious Wall Hangings


Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 11.58.49 am.pn

Nine image wall hanging


Available in both 6 and 9 images.

All images are magnetic so you can rearrange them at will.

Additional images can be created - we recommend you have spares so you can change things up.

GRAND Canvas Prints


Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 9.06.44 am.png

Canvas photo print


"The street where we first kissed. Forever immortalised on our bedroom wall.

Thank you so much - the restoration you did on that really old shot is great.





Brett - Mosman


Examples of Repair (hover your mouse over the photos)